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It is for you, not for your boss!

Upgrade yourself and increase your salary.
Yes, it’s for me!

Remember, this is for you, not your boss!

Invest in yourself and develop new skills to help you grow and advance in your career.
Be bold, challenge yourself, and push yourself to new heights.
You can achieve your goals and become your best version of yourself with dedication and hard work.
Learn more about Big Sister AI through the eyes of a manager or salesperson
Yes, it’s for me!
Achieving Reach Plans
What changes can I make in my work to scale my results?
Boosting Productivity
Where am I losing time and potential customers? How can I enhance my results with the existing schedule?"
Increasing Salary
What obstacles have hindered my opportunity to earn more money?
More than 90% of the time, salespeople behave subconsciously automatically, using skills.
Poor skills lead to mistakes and loss of customers.
We measure skills and advise on how to improve them.
Measuring the most critical sales skills in CRM, Calls, and Video calls.
AI-powered advice
Weekly/monthly reports and insights escalations.
Sales Book
Scripts, rules, templates, and algorithms for the right skills.
How it works
What is Sales Skill
Next Step
Finish every call or meeting by planning the date and time for the next call or meeting with the customer.
All salespeople know that they need to do it on every call, but most don’t.

We rate all relevant calls and show % of calls with the next step.

Skill of Next step
All calls for period
Without next step

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