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Overlooked Gap in Sales
What is not defined cannot be measured.
What is not measured cannot be improved.
What is not improved is always degraded.
William Thomson Kelvin.
Why does one salesperson have a 15% win rate and the second only 5%?
Modern sales management is blind. Businesses don’t have data to explain it.
We will disrupt it!
Everyone wants to increase revenue. There are only 2 solutions - more leads or better quality. How to increase quality (win rate)? Reduce human mistakes in the pipeline.
Most sales leaders cannot use data-driven methods in sales management. They don't have data for it. Revenue, activity, win rate, and that's all... They might use their opinion, experience, or intuition.
We do the same as sports teams
Like the case of the Money Ball movie. We rate the most critical sales skills in CRM, calls, and video calls.
Our mission is to upgrade salespeople with AI-powered skills.
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