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Boost Revenue with Team Skills!

Don't pay for the increase of new leads.
Upgrade your team and increase sales with the same lead generation.
Upgrade My Team!
Boost Your Team's Performance!
Delegating routine oversight, analytics, and listening calls to AI. This frees up your time to focus on strategic growth and personal engagement with your team.
Empower your management with AI-generated analytics, ensuring your decisions are informed and impactful.
Set visionary goals and utilize AI to monitor progress and anticipate challenges, keeping your team on the cutting edge of sales success.

So don't wait, start upgrading your team’s skills!

Upgrade My Team!
Amplify your MRR and customer base by leveraging AI-driven insights. With Big Sister's real-time sales metrics, focus on strategic actions that scale your team's productivity, even with limited resources.
Motivate your team by providing objective, data-backed feedback. Utilize our platform to pinpoint areas for improvement and celebrate successes, fostering a culture of continuous growth and better results.
Data-Driven Decisions
Make informed decisions with confidence. Replace guesswork with actionable data. Our AI-powered reports and analysis provide the clarity needed to steer your sales strategy and ensure stable future revenue.
We score the skills of salespeople and use them to explain all differences in traction dynamics, such as the number of deals, win rate, and revenue.
Analytics Dashboard
Featuring end-to-end analytics with all the necessary statistics and metrics for straightforward analysis or in-depth investigation.
Skills Assessment:
We evaluate the proficiency of salespeople in key areas, using these metrics to elucidate variations in key performance indicators such as revenue and win rate.
AI-Powered Insights
Our platform provides weekly and monthly reports that deliver actionable advice based on team performance analytics.
Sales Enablement
A comprehensive Sales Book offers scripts, rules, templates, and algorithms to hone the right skills for sales success.
How it works
What is Sales Skill
Next Step
Finish every call or meeting by planning the date and time for the next call or meeting with the customer.
All salespeople know that they need to do it on every call, but most don’t.

We rate all relevant calls and show % of calls with the next step.

Skill of Next step
All calls for period
Without next step

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