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Sales management consulting company. «Good should sell more»

Upgrade of the sales business process. We conduct an audit and design a new sales model in terms of processes, people, and machines. We are developing customized standards, integrating automation, configuring analytics, and training the team to work with it. You will see real sales results and be able to track them in real time.

Sales Conveyor:Upgrade your sales process with our audit and design a new sales model. Tailored standards, automation, analytics, and training for your team. Real-time tracking of sales results for sustainable growth.

Sales Tech: This is the digitization of your sales. Building the architecture of software and communications, adapt existing business processes, and configure analytics and reporting.

Business School: our own school to teach the philosophy of sales. Our approach focuses on selling without kickbacks, hard negotiations, or cold calls. Instead, we emphasize white sales, which means selling your product to those who genuinely need it, precisely when they need it.

Recruting: Business is shaped by people. W Sales finds sales professionals: specialists for teams or create a sales department from scratch.

Upgrade your sales process with W Sales for significant improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and overall sales performance. Their comprehensive services include audits, designing new sales models, implementing tailored standards, integrating automation, configuring analytics, and providing training. W Sales ensures real-time tracking of sales results and sustainable growth. They emphasize ethical sales practices and recruiting sales professionals. Transform your sales process and achieve long-term success with W Sales.


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Is your sales methodology recognized by universities or implemented in leading companies? Do you want a convenient tool for implementing your methodology for other companies? Become a partner, post your methods and metrics on our platform, and receive royalties for using your metrics.

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